Brand awareness plays a vital role in acquiring customers as it is the first step of the marketing funnel. Generally, it refers to the shopper's ability to recall and recognize the brand. There are various reasons to build or increase brand awareness. First, it helps to keep the brand at the top of the mind of customers.

It is a fact that consumers prefer famous brands over unknown ones. So, brand awareness is the initial step in making a well-known brand. It is like a bar of gold; the more you polish it, the more it will shine. A well-polished or prepared brand spreads like a fire. Brand awareness creates a positive perception in the customer's mind.

If shoppers know about the brand, they can be comfortable with it. As a result, when they decide, they will most likely purchase your product, not one from your competitors. Brand awareness enables businesses to achieve their goals. It can enlarge the audience, increase website traffic, maintain brand affection, and cultivate leads.

Minimal differentiation in products leads to cut-throat competition existing in the industry. Therefore, brand awareness matters a lot. It helps to improve brand equity, better sales, and high market share.

Types of Brand Awareness

Learning the different types of brand awareness is important for marketers to make proper marketing strategies. The following are three categories of brand awareness depending on the target group's perceived importance.

Brand recognition means customers can recognize your brand in a sea of different brands. This type of awareness does not need a buyer to recall the brand name. Instead, it focuses mainly on whether consumers can recognize the brand based on visual packaging.

It is an impromptu recall of a brand through memory. Most customers are unable to recall above 3 to 5 brand names. It is because of individual and brand factors such as usage, education level, marketing strategies adopted by the company, etc. These brands make a segment of the evoked set of customers.

Top-of-mind awareness is a set of top 3 brands always purchased by the customer. It is the consideration set of customers. The ultimate goal of all marketers is to take the brand to this consideration set of customers.

For instance, Levis is the most well-known brand when you talk about jeans. Most people know its brand ambassador, advertisements, and even the advertisement song. It shows that buyers trust this brand.


Brand Awareness Strategy Ideas

The awareness about brands and the general public is not an overnight process coming from advertisements and marketing campaigns. Instead, it comes with multiple efforts aiming to create a customer base. So, the following are some ways to build brand awareness and make an everlasting impact on a target audience:

New connections give you an opportunity to learn about the hobbies, likes, dislikes, and passions of people. So, pay proper attention to how they speak and what things excite them. The brands find out these traits and advertise them accordingly.

Social interaction is critical for human beings. It helps you to remain connected, recognized, and learn new things. Similarly, a brand works, so it is essential to connect with the audience to make sales and be social. Therefore, most successful brands promote their products and services on social media platforms.


One of the effective product promotion ways is storytelling, whether promoting a brand or products. In this way, the audience can strongly recognize you or connect with you. In addition, you can add depth to an advertising campaign by telling the story related to the brand projects.

You narrate a story related to the truth. For example, you may tell customers about the founder's struggle, the brand origin, expansion over the years. People love stories, so ensure that it is authentic for making more impact.

An excellent way to establish a brand is to let famous brands talk to their audience about you. To do so, partner with well-known brands, companies, celebrities, influencers, etc., who have a large follower base. For example, Facebook intelligently used this strategy. It partnered with various niche influencers to increase the awareness of its latest product, "Facebook Watch."


One of the best ideas to promote a brand is to start a referral program. This strategy delegates the work of advertising a brand to other people at lower cost than you bear it while doing it yourself. Moreover, referrals can more powerfully convince people than advertisements.

Set up a referral program where existing customers get some amount when they bring more customers. Moreover, if you provide good commission rates, it will attract affiliates who have large followership.


To achieve a high degree of brand awareness, focus on brand associations or brand loyalty. It significantly influences your marketing efforts. The strategies mentioned above will surely help you create and increase brand awareness. It will attract a devoted audience, compel them always to buy your products, and encourage others to do the same.

With Christmas right around the corner, small businesses need to kickstart ideas for increasing sales and converting leads. Small businesses can turn their talents, time, and resources to grow their consumer base and profits with effective marketing.

With many shopping online, Christmas is a great opportunity to capitalize on customers’ urges. By the end of 2021, holiday retail sales in the United States is projected to hit about 843.4 billion U.S. dollars. Christmas, being the biggest festival, constitutes the largest portion of this ever-increasing figure.


So, businesses need to define clear goals for sales and work towards achieving targets during the festive season. Let’s look at a few affordable yet effective Christmas marketing strategies for small businesses:

Launch Christmas-Inspired Gift Guide Catalogues

Creating a gift guide for people can be immensely rewarding to customers. Harried customers struggling with gift ideas can use these guides to buy advertised products for their loved and dear ones.

Another way you can make the product guides better is by introducing categories- like “tech-savvy” or “Hostess gifts” and more. Dedicate space for celebrity favorites in your gift guides.

The products preferred by celebrities tend to sell better, so remember to stock up on those. You can refer to a celebrity’s social media feeds or peruse images of them for identifiable brands. Cross-reference these with your inventory for the catalog.

Sell Holiday-Themed Services

Christmas is the best time to produce short, helpful content incorporating your brand and the holiday theme. Keep the videos short, meaningful, and useful. Slip in thoughtful product promotion. The video must address an issue faced by clients that your product can solve.

Highlight why your product is helpful and the advantages it has over competitors. Post your videos across different platforms to maximize your brand’s reach and engagement.

Collaborate With Another Small Business

This does not mean you have to collaborate with a competitor. Think of your product and look into small businesses which offer complementary services.

For example, if you run a hair salon, team up with a nail technician. If you offer combined services at a discount, you can cross-promote and grow both your customer bases. This can introduce you to new potential customers and new partnerships.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Incorporating a countdown timer is one of the most effective techniques to achieve anticipation and exclusivity. It creates a sense of urgency and encourages your site visitors to act right away.

A countdown timer is perfect for advertising a one-time sale within specific time periods. You can promote events, book launches, or webinars requiring registration.

A countdown timer is an exceptionally beneficial tool for boosting holiday sales. This gives buyers the unambiguous indication that your festive deal will be brief and spurs them into action.

Go For Festive Social Media Overhaul

It’s important to create ads or marketing campaigns around your product. You can update your website to reflect holiday cheer. This is the time your customers will be looking for the best deals and product placements. Updating all the images with festive ad campaigns can be an option.

The budget-friendly option is to hire designers. Designers can use photo manipulation to create a Christmas-themed product display. Small businesses should focus on displaying exclusive items that are out of reach during other times.

You can follow up with email marketing to reach customers who have purchased from you before. A pro tip is to optimize your site for mobile users. Shoppers predominantly use their phones for gift browsing and purchases.

Offer Online Gift Cards

Consider making online gift cards available. It’s a great way to shop for that one person who’s challenging to shop for or indecisive. You would also be minimizing waste, which is a nifty bonus.

They are also the perfect gifts for those who have everything and don’t want anything for Christmas. Online gift cards can be a thoughtful last minute gift, or even a substitute for forking over cash.

Final Tip: Follow Up Sale

Between Christmas and when people return to work in the new year, there is a carte blanche. This is a perfect moment to step up your sales momentum. This is the period when most people are sedate, happy, and relaxed with their families - but also lounging on their phones. Launch a follow-up flash sale and aggressively discount any items you want to move quickly.

You can use your email marketing to offer a “Thank You” sale with special deals and campaigns that are valid till January. You can also follow up with “You forgot this in your shopping cart” prompts or remind them of items in the wishlist. These can prompt your customers to make a purchase while still in a holiday mood.

Merry Christmas!

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