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Build Engaged Relations

Discover and engage with your customers and the key influencers in your niche that will give you larger brand exposure & great insights about your target market.

Acquire & Retain Customers

Get to know your customers' core interests and create products that will meet their exact needs and desires. Backlink.Watch tells you where to promote your products and find new customers.

Manage Brand Reputation

By always being aware of who talks about you and what, you get the power to understand and protect your reputation in a fiercely competitive market.

Web & Social 

Monitor everything that is being said about your company or product on all the channels that matter, be it web or social media. Backlink.Watch keeps you up to date with everything important in your market and anything connected to your company, providing real-time alerts straight to your inbox.

Multiple sources & social networks monitored

We monitor all the important channels where people talk about your brand

Comprehensive Sentiment Analysis

We monitor all the important channels where people talk about your brand

Start Monitoring Your Band


Analyzing your competitors’ strategies isn't just an option. It is a necessary part of your growth strategy. The more you can find out about your business and your competitors, the more you can learn, adapt and ultimately flourish. You can now spy on competitors from different angles and have a clearer view where the competition actually stands.

Reveal Competitors’ Marketing Strategies

Analyze the top players in your niche and beat them at their own game.

Quickly Research any Brand

Instantly get insights about any brand or topic from any market.

Expose Your Competitors Strategies


Find out who mentioned you and where the moment they did. Backlink.Watch gives you real-time notifications every time you get new mentions or links. You now have instant access to all the critical data related to your brand across the web and social networks.

Email Alerts

Get all the mentions that matter.

New Links Notifications

Discover all the fresh links as soon as they drive you traffic.

Start Monitoring Your Band
  • In only a few seconds, Backlink.Watch allows me to find recent client mentions on the web, saving me a lot of time. With one click I can export the results, and check if a link exists back to my client and approach any unlinked client mentions.
    Danny Lynch, Head of PR & Outreach Koozai
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
More than  36,434,894,231 mentions analyzed for

26,838 Smart Companies

Make better business decisions using our

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Backlink.Watch is the most effective method of monitoring your brand or product on the Internet. It is also a tool that measures the buzz around your brand, product or keyword.
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